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Be A Good Parent To Your Children.
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Be a good parent to your children.
Once, decided nak berkahwin.
Remember, tanggungjawab yang perlu dipikul.

"For the guys, tempat tinggal, nafkah pada isteri dan anak-anak …"
"For the ladies, take care of your husband."

I’m only 22years old this year,
not yet married
but I have responsibilities to take care my mum and my brothers.

People Judge.
Nampak luaran je, taktau apa yang berlaku pun.
Well, my mum is the one who take care ALL OF US.
Me, and brothers. EVERYTHING, from Head to Toe.
Fromm house that we live in, utilities, food, school fees, car, bike, and et.

My mum is getting older,
She asked for my help.
"Kakak, can you help me to pay the house rent?"
"Can you help me, since you have to pay your college fees as well?"

I can't even say NO,

Because I will sacrifice my life for her.


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